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Songwriting contest dot info aims to be a web clearing house for news and information about songwriting contests for musicians, bands and songwriters.

There are a lot of contests for writers, artists and bands out there every year and it is hard to know which are legitimate and which are just songwriting contest scams.

It has long been known that placing well in a competition, whether local or international songwriting contests, can mean a sudden awareness of an artist or band.  From there a songwriter can usually get their foot in the industry, book more gigs, and sometimes have their music placed in film or TV from the exposure they’ve received.  Simply put, placing well in a songwriters contest can kick start a songwriters career in music.

While we are busy compiling information on the various competitions, make sure you are aware of the following links.  Check out each one and consider entering a contest soon.

Links to the Best Song Contests

John Lennon songwriting contest – Probably the most popular annual contest.  The John Lennon Songwriting Contest is an international songwriting contest open to amateur and professional songwriters.  Cash and prizes, along with notoriety for the 100 or so named finishers each session.

The UK songwriting contest – The big contest in the UK, brags winners signed by Simon Cowell.  10 categories for entries include Pop, Rock/Indie, Folk and Country, Jazz and Blues, Open/Miscellaneous, Dance/R&B/Hip-Hop/Urban, Christian/Faith, Lyrics Only, Instrumental and Adult Contemporary.

The International Songwriting Competition – this annual song contest for amateur or professional songwriters allows each to have their songs heard in a professional, international arena. ISC boasts that they have the most prestigious panel of judges of all the songwriting and music contests in the world.  Over $150,000 in cash and prizes shared by 65 winners.

Billboard songwriting contest – The Billboard World Songwriting Contest is an annual contest with big name judges, but it also aims to help artists build fans online through social networking channels.

USA songwriting contest – actually an international competition, the USA songwriting contest with many categories, prizes and top name judges claims to get radio airplay for winners.

The Great American Song Contest – approximately 45 awards in 9 categories and $10,000 in prizes, this contest boasts being “the best”, in part because it limits competition by only allowing amateur and semi pro songwriters, not pro songwriters like the other competitions.  Actually a pretty good contest for an indie or musician with songwriting skills.

Songwriting Contest Advice

There are many other songwriting contests out there including media sponsored contests like the CMT songwriting competition, geographic contests like the Great Lakes songwriting contest, and events for specific genres like Christian or Gospel songwriting contests.  Not all contests are free, but the best won’t make you pay a fortune to enter, and watch out for the scams that make you pay if you win!

If you’ve never entered a song contest before, look for something locally which can increase your chances of placing well because of the sheer lack of numbers.  Next, look for something regionally.  Then look for contests that are specifically focused around your genre, such as those sometimes put on by genre specific radio stations.  At the same time, it never hurts to submit your songs to the bigger annual contests at the same time.

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